5 Key Benefits of Blogging on Your Business Website

5 Key Benefits of Blogging on Your Business Website

With a plethora of marketing options available to the modern merchant it is easy to be overwhelmed when deciding which ones will meet your needs. Overwhelmed business owners often overlook blogging, an advantageous marketing tool that provides maximum impact for minimal investment.

Business owners who have chosen to apply a blogging campaign to their business website will tell you that a blog is actually quite easy to create and no work at all to manage, once you get past the initial uncertainty and learn to fully express your company’s personality. Additionally, the investment is small and can be as little as 10 to 30 minutes a day.

1. Cost Effective Marketing Channel

Typically, blogs are little to no cost. Although all blogs are useful, a blog based from a company’s own blog domain makes the production look a bit more professional and increases brand awareness.

2. Great Way to Start up a Network

Networking is a necessity in today’s business world. Whether establishing network communications throughout internal divisions or external networks for publicity purposes, cultivating these vital lines of communications is a time consuming task.

A blog is a great way to keep up regular communications; and blogs can be written with greater speed and accuracy as you become more immersed in your subject matter. Blog postings can reach and engage thousands of readers with minimal effort.

3. Increased Web Traffic & Social Media

Each blog article written is one more page indexed on your website which can increase your organic search rankings. This is another opportunity for your website to show up in search engines which will ultimately increase your web traffic.  Blogging is a key factor in SEO.

Blogging can also increase your presence on Social Media. Every time you create a blog article you are creating content that people can like or share on social media. This can expose you to a new audience that you may not even be aware of.

Furthermore, blogging can help increase your social media presence. Your blog can serve as your content database for all of your social media activity. Strengthening your social reach through blogging can have a huge impact on your website traffic.

4. A Perfect Showcase

A blog presents customers with a showcase of your products and services in a unique way. As a showcase for your product line, a blog can help familiarize prospective customers with specific features, uses, and promotions.

Additionally, blogs can be done on any subject imaginable. Allowing you to create blogs your customers find valuable enough to make a comment, give a like, or pass along to others like themselves.

5. Symbol of Company Character

Blog marketing is a great way to set a tone for your company that you feel will appeal strongly to the kind of people you are trying to attract. The simple voice and tone of your written interactions will give your customers an idea of who they will be dealing with.

As individuals interact with your online persona via your blog they will develop a confidence and this is key to cultivating successful relationships.

Blog marketing is rapidly becoming a more important part of online marketing as more customers look to a company’s blog before deciding to do business with them. In addition to this, blog marketing can boost business considerably for a small investment in time and money.